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  • Multiple Scarf Shot


When I was a little boy it drove me crazy when my Italian mother would force me to wear a hat and scarf in the winter. I’m sure every little boy hated being strapped into his winter gear before heading out to play street hockey with his friends. Now that I’m a grown man I still hate having to wear so much when I head out in the winter but the bonus is that men have so much great fashion to choose from so it makes going out in the winter a little more bearable. One of the accessories I love to wear from fall to spring is a scarf.

While most men wear scarves to stay warm during cold days, scarves are also considered fashion accessories that can add flare to a coat or jacket. In winter months, wool or cashmere scarves are most common because they keep you warm and you can find them in a variety of great colours and patterns. The last few years, infinity scarves have been popular for men. If you’re not familiar with an infinity scarf, it is a large, closed loop scarf, usually made of wool. One advantage of an infinity scarf is that it always stays in place.

For business or day wear, a thin scarf made of cotton, cashmere, silk or satin with paisley or check patterns can be worn over a suit or sports jacket. If you’re not wearing a tie a scarf can be a great way to add a splash of colour, which is something I often do.

For formal or evening wear, a more elegant scarf is worn. An evening scarf is made of cashmere or merino wool and is worn over an overcoat. A formal scarf is made of silk or satin with fringes, usually black or white, and is worn over a tuxedo.

A great alternative to consider is an elegant reversible scarf – one side is silk and the other side is wool. This scarf will definitely add a dash of style to your look whether you’re going to a business meeting or meeting someone for dinner.

You can also wear a scarf in warmer months. A summer scarf is not intended to keep you warm but to keep you looking sharp! Made of cotton or linen in vibrant colours and patterns, a summer scarf can be worn over a shirt or light jacket and away you go!

Not sure how to tie a scarf? We have that covered. Visit our website http://gentiluomo.ca/style-101/ and you’ll learn how in just minutes from the options available.

At Gentil Uomo we carry a great selection of scarves all made in Italy, so drop by the shop and take a look at our collection. Alla prossima – until next time. Arrivederci.