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The Wonderful World of Socks!

I’m often asked if there are any style rules for wearing socks. There are a few basic rules one should keep in mind. The first one is only wear white socks when you’re playing sports. Sounds pretty simple but I guess there are some men that still let that one slip.

All right, let’s talk going sockless. Gentlemen, please never walk to your sock drawer when you’re thinking of wearing sandals or flip-flops. Not cool. Although, if you want to go sockless with loafers, invisible (or no-show) socks are the way to go. With invisible socks you can look as if you’re not wearing socks but your feet will be comfortable, dry and to boot you’ll save yourself from unwanted blisters!

Now, what about matching? A long standing rule was to always match your socks to your pants, not your shoes. This still applies but you have some flexibility these days due to the wide array of colours and styles available. Remember, socks should be complementary to what you’re wearing, just like any other accessory. If you want to wear socks in a solid colour like red, match the colour with something you’re wearing above the waist like a tie or pocket square. If you want to wear patterned socks, don’t match the sock pattern with another pattern you’re wearing. Let the sock pattern speak for itself.

When I started my search for what sock manufacturer I wanted to carry in the store, I didn’t have to search too long before I found Marcoliani in Milan, Italy. The founder, Giuseppe Gatti, started the company in 1950 and they’ve been making unique, high-quality socks that come in a variety of colours and patterns ever since. I can’t tell you how excited I get when I have to make my selections for each season. And, I get equally excited by the rave reviews I receive from our customers. Drop by the store or check out some selections at our new e-store shop.gentiluomo.ca. Alla prossima – until next time. Arrivederci.