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How to Take Care of Your Clothes

Spring is a great time to refresh your wardrobe but it’s also a great time to learn how to take care of your clothes. After all, you work hard for your money so when you buy quality items you should want them to look their best and last longer.

Here are 15 tips that will not only help you get the most out of your clothing investment but keep you looking good every day:

  1. Visiting a tailor for minor clothing repairs or alterations will save you money versus having to replace items that simply require minor repairs. And you don’t have to visit an expensive tailor, many cleaners offer repair or alteration services.
  2. Use wood hangers to hang your clothing because wire hangers can stretch out shoulders of garments. And don’t hang clothes in plastic bags because clothing can’t breathe in plastic.
  3. It’s a good idea to rotate your clothing so that you’re not constantly wearing the same items and wearing them out prematurely. It’s also a good idea to store your clothes per season so there’s more room in your closet and clothes breathe better.
  4. Always read the care labels on your clothes. Labels tell you how best to launder, dry clean and store your clothes.
  5. To avoid the colour of your jeans from fading, wash them inside out and don’t forget to zip up before washing them because the zipper may snag your other clothing in the washer or dryer.
  6. We offer great tips on how to take care of your dress shirts such as washing new shirts before wearing them. We also show you how to properly iron your dress shirts.
  7. Invest in a good set of bronze or stainless steel collar stays. They’ll keep your collars looking crisp, firm and straight. No more wings on collars or curled collar tips.
  8. If you wear ties, we have tips on how to take care of your ties such as untying them when you’re not wearing them.
  9. Your sweaters will keep looking great and last longer if you remove the pills with an electric sweater razer.
  10. It’s always a good idea to fold your knitwear; never hang, so they retain their shape.
  11. To keep your suits looking fresh, use a brush after each wear to remove dust and debris from your jacket and pants.
  12. To keep your leather belts looking great, the best way to store them is to hang them to avoid curling the leather and damaging the seam.
  13. The best way to store your dress socks is to fold them and don’t tuck them inside each other because it will stretch out the elastic. Our friends at GQ show us a great way to fold socks.
  14. Cedar shoe trees are a great investment because they keep your leather shoes in shape and help absorb the moisture in your shoes.
  15. Keep your shoes and boots looking good all year round by water-proofing them and polishing them regularly. In the winter, this is especially important because of the salt.

There you have it – some great tips to help you look your best. Alla prossima – until next time. Arrivederci.