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Visit Us in the Distillery District - 19 Trinity St., Toronto, ON - M5A 3C4

Special Services

Custom Shirt Service

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Gentil Uomo is pleased to offer the Antonio Gentilucci Sartoria made-to-measure, or as they say in Italian “su misura” custom shirt service where you become the designer. Choose from a stunning collection of Italian fabrics and select every detail that suits your individual taste. Please allow 3 weeks for manufacturing and delivery. *To schedule your private appointment call us at 416-214-0008.


You’re getting married! What an exciting time! At Gentil Uomo we know how important it is to look your very best on your wedding day. We also know it can be a stressful time to make that special day just perfect. At Gentil Uomo we can help you de-stress. Visit us and we can work with you and your groomsmen to select the ideal shirt and accessories to match your suits.

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Personal Shopping

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Whether you are shopping for a special occasion such as a wedding or need a new look for a job interview, we can assist you by discerning your style and making appropriate recommendations. We also keep track of your style and brand preferences and notify you of new arrivals. Just think of us as your own personal shopper.

Private Appointments

We know it’s a challenge balancing all the demands at work and home and that’s why we are pleased to offer you the option of booking a private appointment at a time convenient for you. Simply call us at 416-214-0008 to arrange your private appointment.

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Emergency Service

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Whether you forgot to pack your belt, dress socks or spilled coffee on your shirt, we can help you with your emergency needs. Simply call us at 416-214-0008 and we will do our best to service your 911.

Closet Cleanup

If you look in your closet and can’t find what you’re looking for or can’t seem to pull together an outfit, we’re here to help. We can assist you to organize your clothes, help you to mix and match, and offer recommendations on additional pieces to add to your wardrobe. We can also advise you on a reputable company that can build you an organized closet to meet your specific needs.

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Gift Cards

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Need to purchase a gift for that special someone and not sure what to choose? Choose a Gentil Uomo gift card, the perfect gift.

Home Delivery and Shipping

At Gentil Uomo we are grateful for the customers we have from all over the world. If you’re in town for business or pleasure and decide to visit us we can arrange for your purchase to be delivered to your hotel. We also offer shipping whether you shop in-store or at www.shop.gentiluomo.ca.

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