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Made in Italy

MADE IN ITALY. These words bring to mind quality, innovation, craftsmanship and excellence. Italy is called the fashion capital of the world. And it’s no wonder with such designers as Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Ferragamo, Prada, Versace and Valentino. I also believe it’s no coincidence that the shape of Italy is a boot!

Being Italian and so very proud of my heritage it was very easy for me when I decided to open a shop in the Distillery District, that without a doubt I would only carry men’s shirts and accessories made in Italy. I always say to folks that our shop is designed to give you a fresh new look without having to buy a brand new suit.

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I’m often asked if bow-ties are back in style. The answer is they never went out of style. You may be interested to know that black bow-ties are worn for “black tie” attire while white bow-ties are worn for “white tie” attire; white tie being more formal than black tie. However, today, bow-ties come in a wide array of colours, patterns and styles for any social or casual function. Or they can simply be worn just because. You don’t have to have a function to attend to wear a bow-tie. I wear them all the time. I love’em.

I’m sure many of you had teachers or professors who wore bow-ties and chances are you remember them because they wore bow-ties. They sure make you stand out in a crowd when you wear one. And they’re definitely not just for the academia. Men of all ages wear bow-ties. In fact, I have many customers who collect bow-ties – now that’s dedication.

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