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Visit Us in the Distillery District - 19 Trinity St., Toronto, ON - M5A 3C4

Art by Miguel Freitas

Miguel Freitas Photo

Gentil Uomo is pleased to be the exclusive dealer at the Distillery District of original artwork by Miguel Freitas. When Antonio Gentilucci first set eyes on the whimsical paintings of Miguel Freitas he was hooked. The Distillery District has many art galleries showcasing world-class artists and including Miguel’s work was an easy decision. When you look at many of Miguel’s paintings with cobblestone walkways, blue skies, rolling hills and colourful homes along a shore – you do feel as if you’ve been transported to a town in Italy. Antonio knew he wanted to offer Miguel’s paintings in the Gentil Uomo store because it simply felt like home.

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Miguel Freitas - Lazy Summer image